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Some things I have heard or read that I find amusing, enlightening, ignorant, unfounded or just plain stupid.
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He is not my president!
    I think this started during the Bush administration as a way to express a dislike for the choices the country made for president.  Unable to accept the majority rule method of election.  What ever the intention the fact is this, if you are a citizen of the United States of America and some one is the  duly elected president of same, he is your president. 
more on this later

  Because ??? is an idiot!
A catch all designed to cover up the notion that there may be a reason with which to validate an uneducated perception. This is a fall back to the idea that we know, they don't.  Also under-lining a dilusion unmolested with facts.

#1 Cause of Headaches in America
#1 Cause of Headaches in America
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
   There are so many things going on at the moment that are making my head hurt, I can only imagine what everybody else is feeling.  It's almost impossible to sort it all out.  So it's probably best to write several articles which will allow me to get up to speed. Firstly, lets deal with the facts of most of the news stories the are contributing to my headaches just to be a bit refreshing.  Then, lets see where my diatribes lead me.
   There is a phenomina that is baffling me that has to do with opinions and sore losers.  Those who did not vote for Donald Trump have joined together in an extrodinary effort to discredit not just the man, but the office he was elected to fill.  Those who believed that Hilary would have been better cannot accept the fact that the electorate disagrees with them.  Others, leaning toward a socialist slant, felt that Bernie Sanders would have been the better choice.  They didn't succeed in convincing america that socialism was the way to go.  That leaves the man who holds the office, President Trump. 
   Whether you like him, agree with him, disagree with him or hate his hair, he is our duly elected president.  What has happened since the election has been an appalling display of narcissistic childhood behavior by those who believe, even in the face of indestructible evidence to the contrary, that they are right.  Who, regardless of the will of the people, would compromise our democratic republic in order to push their agenda.  In some countries, that would be called treason.  Here we call it the "me too" syndrome. 
   There seems to be a real hatred by many directed squarely at someone they have never met. Guided blindly by a bias press, yes there are those in the media who have stated that they will do whatever it takes to discredit our president, these haters feel that they are armed with enough facts to finalize an indictment without any first hand information.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
     This is a list of all the non-biased facts I've been able to uncover about the current news worthy stories.


Some of the interesting things I found out about the percived elevation of the human IQ
Some of the interesting things I found out about the percived elevation of the human IQ
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
     The perception of who or what should be considered "smart" derives itself from how things appear to be, rather than the content of their minds.
Take, for instance, movie stars.
   I truly don't mean to denigrate their chosen profession in any way, the ability to lie effectively to a large audience about who and what you are requires a goodly amount of skill.  The problem arises when the actor(ess) has convinced themselves that the ability to play being someone else sets them above the common man.  The bigger problem is when the common man makes the same decision.
     There are a few who can make some sense, even fewer can make a good observation of some political direction or another, but for the most part they are common people who have elevated themselves above most without even a nodding aquaintence of what in the world they are talking about. 

Has Anyone Considered
   There has been much talk of Russian or Chinese interference with our government.  Have any of the never Trumpers and haters looked at the source of all this unrest?  Could it be that certain factions of our society have embraced wrong information and attitudes presented by those who wish to overthrow our government, indeed our way of life?
   Right source, wrong target.  You may want to consider the source of those attitudes rather than just embracing them.
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